Project Mexo Hong Kong 1月份有 Zecharia Sitchen 大師親密戰友 Neil Freer 登場. 對 Annunaki, Planet X/Nibiru, 2012, 遠古外星人有關神的傳說有興趣或想尋根問底, 這次直接對話的機會, 切勿錯過!! 2月更有美國退休情報官 Dr Scott Jones 登場, 詳情請留意最新公佈

Project MEXO - Hong Kong The intensity, quality and full DISCLOSURES by these speakers will be unmatched when they speak in Hong Kong. Neil Freer ( 2012 Jan Lecturer ) was abducted by the Annunaki and promised to look out for him; they did!!!

Project MEXO - Hong Kong Every 6 to 8 weeks we will bring selected speakers to present a very broad spectrum of DISCLOSURES.e.g. Dr CB Scot Jones ( 2012 Feb Lecturer ), ex Naval Intelligence officer and it is said a member of the AVIARY. You may google his name and AVIARY!! you will be surprised!!

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