Jim Sparks [THE KEEPER] 中文版 [守護者 ]
斷市多時, 現已重新上架, 數量有限, 欲購從速

For participants of the first virtual conference of Project Mexo, all who attended Papa Neil Freer's Conference, we've got a little surprise for you as to thank you for your kind support! You all witnessed the first ever virtual conference in Exopolitics in the world and... guess what?
Well, we shall announce shortly and we are sure you all will be very surprised and excited!! Please stay close to the latest news from Project Mexo facebook, website, emails as well as Neil Gould and Meoow's facebook.
2012年1月7日 - 外星政治 虛擬會議
遠古外星人 - 神的真面目 - Neil Freer B.A.
議程已寄出, 參加者 請查看電郵.
7 Jan 2012 - Project Mexo International Exopolitics Virtual Conference
Aliens, Anunnaki & Our Species' History And Future - Neil Freer B.A.
Agenda is sent out, participants please check email.
獨臂農夫 兒子 Methusalem 計劃現身 Project Mexo Hong Kong "大爆料", Project Mexo 掌握一手獨家資料, 盡快公佈日期! 萬勿錯過!

Billy Meiers son ; METHUSALEM MEIRS is scheduled to speak to Hong Kong at a forthcoming event at PROJECT MEXO Hong Kong!!
You will be surprised at the revelations concerning CONTACT NOTES, BILLY MEIERs, SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS and FIGU
My film interview with METHUSALEM MEIERS [son of Billy Meiers] is quite fascinating!!!
The regular attendees of PROJECT MEXO will be invited to attend this AMAZING moment!
All members of all clubs may apply. Keep watching the MEXO website for news on this event
- Neil Gould -
Project Mexo; series of Virtual Exopolitical/UFO Conferences in Hong Kong. With Cantonese translation on screen.

Project Mexo Hong Kong 於香港提供及舉辦一系列星際及外星資訊會議。會議輔以即時廣東話傳譯及中文字幕。

Whistleblowers, UFO Researchers, Political Scientists, Ex Military Intelligence officers, Contactees/Abductees support Project MEXO to tell you the truth about the Extra Terrestrial presence on our planet.

多位線人、不明飛行物體研究者,關鍵及決策性科學家、前軍事情報官員、外星智慧生物接觸者及撈拐事主等均支持 Project Mexo,親自現身告訴你我們地球上有外星智慧生物存在的事實。

This is DISCLOSURE direct from the source.


An example of a Certificate of Attendance for Neil Freer's Lecture, 7th Jan 2012 on the Annunaki, Ancient Aliens and our Future, to be awarded to our audience after each lecture. Every certificate will be different for each lecture, reflecting the theme of the presentation.

2012年1月7日由Neil Freer 主講:“遠古外星人 – 神的真面目”會議之出席會議証書的範本,每位完成會議者均能穫得; Project Mexo每次會議均有不同設計的會議出席証書,以切合該次會議主題。

Our Project MEXO website is in English and Chinese.

Project Mexo 官網備英語及繁體中文。

We will stream the speakers presentation live onto a screen at Project MEXO's Hong Kong venue.
我們會在 Project Mexo 會場螢幕上即時直播身在外地的講者的演講。

The standard of the speaker presentations require a mature and serious audience. Academics, students in the field of i.e. Astro Biology, mythology, Ufology, Psychology, paleoanthropology, science, religions and many other associated disciplines will benefit from these DISCLOSURES. In time the worldview will shift, requiring our Institutions to revaluate the non truths sewn into their minds through a media truth embargo denying ET life engaging this planet. Large corporate interests such as the oil companies see these disclosures as a threat; after all UFOs do not use "gasoline"
各主講的演講內容均嚴謹及專門,同樣,Project Mexo 亦要求出席者以成熟及認真的態度相應。太空生物學、神話學、飛碟學、心理學、古人類學、科學、宗教及有關科目等的學者、學生均能在這些“大揭露”中有所得益。

For details - Visit Project MEXO website at: http://promexo.meoow.net/
有關詳情,請到 Project Mexo 官網:http://promexo.meoow.net/

Contact / 聯絡http://projectmexohk.weebly.com/contact-us-32879320972510520497.html

Certificate of Attendance with Ancient Aliens ( Sumerian Clay Tabs ) as Theme
for Jan 2012 Project Mexo Conference
2012年1月7日 Project Mexo 會議出席証書, 以遠古外星人(
背景為 Sumerians 粘土板 ) 為主題

Project Mexo 本年講者之一 Mary Rodwell, 接受 Central Queensland 大學訪問

Project Mexo 本年虛疑會議講者之一 Mary Rodwell, 早前接受 Central Queensland 大學訪問, 為該大學學生錄下了以下片段, 該段訪問亦以半公開形式發佈

Mary Rodwell, scheduled guest of Project Mexo, being interviewed by Central Queensland University

A scheduled Project MEXO guest MARY RODWELL was interviewed by Central Queensland University a few weeks ago, and kept the written article fairly open and also did a reasonable short video clip for their students:
In Response to WhiteHouse Misinformation, Disinformation over the recent petition initiated by Steve Bassett; we are hellbent on telling the peoples of China and Hong Kong the truth with regard to the ET presence on Earth; HOW you ask? Project Mexo HK; by VIRTUAL Conference, the worlds top Exopolitical researchers, ex Military Intelligence, Disclosure advocates, Abductees et al will speak straight truth direct tot he people - BINGO!
Whilst the head lies, the tail wags:-)

" 鑒於美國白宮在近期 對於由Steve Bassett 所發起的請願的回應有誤導成份, 我們堅決地向香港及中國說出有關外星智慧生物確實存在於地球的事實. 通過虛擬會議 ( 互聯網線上會議 ), 世界頂級知名外星研究家, 專家, 前任軍士情報人員, "大披露"支持者, 外星人擄拐個案受害人, 外星人接觸個案事主等人仕, 將會在 Project Mexo Hong Kong 挺身而出, 在會議中與大家直接說出真相. 紙是絕對包不住火的. "

 - Neil Gould - 
Project Mexo Hong Kong 1月份有 Zecharia Sitchen 大師親密戰友 Neil Freer 登場. 對 Annunaki, Planet X/Nibiru, 2012, 遠古外星人有關神的傳說有興趣或想尋根問底, 這次直接對話的機會, 切勿錯過!! 2月更有美國退休情報官 Dr Scott Jones 登場, 詳情請留意最新公佈

Project MEXO - Hong Kong The intensity, quality and full DISCLOSURES by these speakers will be unmatched when they speak in Hong Kong. Neil Freer ( 2012 Jan Lecturer ) was abducted by the Annunaki and promised to look out for him; they did!!!

Project MEXO - Hong Kong Every 6 to 8 weeks we will bring selected speakers to present a very broad spectrum of DISCLOSURES.e.g. Dr CB Scot Jones ( 2012 Feb Lecturer ), ex Naval Intelligence officer and it is said a member of the AVIARY. You may google his name and AVIARY!! you will be surprised!!