In Response to WhiteHouse Misinformation, Disinformation over the recent petition initiated by Steve Bassett; we are hellbent on telling the peoples of China and Hong Kong the truth with regard to the ET presence on Earth; HOW you ask? Project Mexo HK; by VIRTUAL Conference, the worlds top Exopolitical researchers, ex Military Intelligence, Disclosure advocates, Abductees et al will speak straight truth direct tot he people - BINGO!
Whilst the head lies, the tail wags:-)

" 鑒於美國白宮在近期 對於由Steve Bassett 所發起的請願的回應有誤導成份, 我們堅決地向香港及中國說出有關外星智慧生物確實存在於地球的事實. 通過虛擬會議 ( 互聯網線上會議 ), 世界頂級知名外星研究家, 專家, 前任軍士情報人員, "大披露"支持者, 外星人擄拐個案受害人, 外星人接觸個案事主等人仕, 將會在 Project Mexo Hong Kong 挺身而出, 在會議中與大家直接說出真相. 紙是絕對包不住火的. "

 - Neil Gould - 

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